Powered Lines

Collection of photographs from Japan
Thanks to
︎Studio Kura
︎Arts Itoya
︎Mary Mary Projects

These images were made during two residencies in Fukuoka and Saga regions of Kyushu Prefecture.

Impress Yourself

Visual expression tool
︎set of 6 magnets  
︎edition of 50       

︎hand cut magnet
︎ink jet print       

The objective is to create a face.  A single player can use these magnets as a tool to express their emotions.  The intention of playing and shifting the images around is to give oneself the time to reflect or meditate while having a loose goal or activity at hand. What does your final face tell you?

Play Me Out

Visual association card game
︎set of 48 cards
︎edition of 2

︎clear acrylic
︎uv print

The 2-4 player card game asks players to visually communicate through the images provided.  The game is about seeing and communicating based on persuasion not winning. By taking turns putting down a card the players create a sequence of images.  The sequence, which usually comes out to look like a web with multiple storylines, becomes a temporary record of the visual dialogue.

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