Powered Lines

Collection of photographs from Japan

Thanks to
︎Studio Kura
︎Arts Itoya
︎Mary Mary Projects

These images were made during two residencies in Fukuoka and Saga regions of Kyushu Prefecture.

Kimchi Night | Softly Firm
Kimchi Workshop

︎2019. 08. 18.
︎Kimchi recipe
︎Workshop led by Hee Je Wi

The Softly Firm [Hee Je Wi & Desiree Kong] presents Kimchi Night. An evening of connecting, learning, and indulging. This workshop brings us together to learn how to make kimchi, walk through the door, be greeted by tea, sit around the kitchen table, and Hee Je will lead us in fermenting kimchi as we prepare our dinner together. 

Impress Yourself

Visual expression tool
︎set of 6 magnets  
︎edition of 50       

︎hand cut magnet
︎ink jet print       

The objective is to create a face.  A single player can use these magnets as a tool to create their symbol of expression.  The intention of playing and shifting the images around is to give oneself the time to reflect or meditate while having a loose goal or activity at hand. What does your final face tell you?

Express[ion] Collages

Poster Prints

︎premium luster 
︎ink jet print

Simple posters 24in x 36in
Perfect for a playful stare 

Play Me Out

Visual association card game
︎set of 48 cards
︎edition of 2

︎clear acrylic
︎uv print

The 2-4 player card game asks players to visually communicate through the images provided.  The game is about seeing and communicating based on persuasion not winning. By taking turns putting down a card the players create a sequence of images.  The sequence, which usually comes out to look like a web with multiple storylines, becomes a temporary record of the visual dialogue.

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